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Purpose - Business management issues - Automation - Organisational units - Resources - Standards - Associated processes
Purpose and (strategic) orientation
Process nameMultiple person evaluation
ObjectivesThis process aims at evaluating a number of given offers.
Description of basic activitiesThe evalulation process starts with determining the number of responsible persons. This list of persons is assumed to be derived automatically, e.g. on basis of the price or the type of the product. A workflow supporting system subsequently determines the first person to evaluate the offer. After his evaluation the next person is determined automatically. This process is repeated as long as there are other responsible persons on the list. When all evaluations have been performed the final evaluation is determined, which can result in one offer selected or in no appropriate offer found.
Required Resources
Specific application software
Associated processes
Higher level process
ModelerCarola Lange
Creation date23/03/2004 10:24
Last update31/03/2004 14:00