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Referenzgeschäftsprozesse und Strategien im E-Commerce

Forschungsgruppe Unternehmensmodellierung
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Content Management System
A Content Management System (CMS) is a system used to organise and facilitate collaborative content creation. CMSs allow end-users to provide new content in the form of plain text, possibly with markup to indicate where other resources (such as pictures) should be placed. The system then uses rules to style the input, which separates the display from the content.

In German: Content Management System (ID: 64)

Core process
more precisely: core process type. A core process (type) is a business process type fulfilling the following requirements:
  • It is of vital importance from the customers' view point.
  • It significantly adds to the firm's revenues.
  • Performing this process is part of the firm's core competencies.
A core process type is organised in a way that it allows for sustained differentiation from competitors in a way also appreciated by customers.

Related terms: Business process type

Source(s): Frank, U.; Laak, Bodo van: Anforderungen an Sprachen zur Modellierung von Geschäftsprozessen, Arbeitsberichte des Instituts für Wirtschaftsinformatik, Universität Koblenz, Nr. 34, 2003

In German: Kernprozess (ID: 46)