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Referenzgeschäftsprozesse und Strategien im E-Commerce

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 Abstract organisational units

The following listing displays the terms used in the context of this reference business process library to denominate abstract organisational units and roles. With each term you will find a list of all those reference business processes that apply the particular abstract organisational unit.
Sales and Distribution
Organisational unit responsible for accepting, confirming and forwarding customer orders, for performing pricing processes (e.g. auctions and tenders), for configuration of individual offers, and for selling products and services.
Applied in Order processing, Service, Initiation and pricing, Transfer of order data to collection
Outbound logistics
Organisational unit responsible for performing and coordinating shipment of physical goods.
Applied in Order shipment, Service
Organisational unit responsible for operational purchasing processes as part of procurement.
Applied in Procurement
Customer Management
Informs customers before a transaction takes place, customer contact care (customer retention.
Applied in Pre-Sales Customer Communication, Customer Relations
Handling of complaints, reclamation and maintenance orders, and support enquiries.
Applied in Service
Performing repair and maintenance orders.
Applied in Service
Billing, booking of price reduction in case of additional service/repairs necessary, settlement on ex-gratia basis.
Applied in Service
External Warranty Provider
Is responsible for handling guarantees, that have been requested from customers (e.g. suppliers).
Applied in Service
Collection Department
Checks for incoming payments and, if need be, initiates dunning procedures.
Applied in Collection
Checks invoices and initiates payments.
Applied in Payment of Liabilities
Authorised representative
Is empowered to act as representative on behalf of a (registered) merchant.
Applied in Pay Liability
Domain Expert
Knows of his domain and of conceptual issues in this domain.
Applied in Invloice Checking
Inbound Logistics
Organistional unit responsible for accepting, testing and forwarding supplied goods.
Applied in Reception of a Delivery
A role responsible for managing and maintaining stocks of inventory. He books inventory movements (such as receipts and egressions) und looks after available stocks.
Applied in Storage
A role responsible for checking incoming supplies.
Applied in Quality Control
Inhouse Transportation
An internal transportation service for physical deliveries.
Applied in Allocate Directly Needed Goods
The receiver of a delivery takes up the role of a recipient.
Applied in Allocate Directly Needed Goods