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Purpose - Business management issues - Automation - Organisational units - Resources - Standards - Associated processes
Purpose and (strategic) orientation
Process nameHandle Warranty Claim
ObjectivesDecision about the further proceeding in case of a valid warranty claim.
Description of basic activitiesIn principle there are three possible alternatives for dealing with a valid warranty claim (repair of a good, return/cancellation or reduction of price). In case of a repair it has to be decided if it is handled internally or by an external partner.
Automation potentialsDue to the high number of manual activities a low automation potential is present.
Organisational units
Responsible organisational unitsService
Supporting organisational unitsDistribution
Executing organisational unitsService, Maintenance, Invoicing, Outbound Logistics
Associated processes
Higher level process
ModelerLutz Kirchner
Creation date20/03/2004
Last update05/05/2004