Forschungsprojekt ECOMOD

Referenzgeschäftsprozesse und Strategien im E-Commerce

Forschungsgruppe Unternehmensmodellierung

Referenzgeschäftsprozesse und Strategien im E-CommerceDiese Seite auf Deutsch  


 Research Approach 

This Web site presents results of the ECOMOD research project funded by the German Research Foundation DFG. The site is structured into four main sections:
The decision network of strategies supports the configuration of business strategies in E-Commerce. A tight integration of the strategic and operational level is achieved through the connection of each strategy with related reference business processes as well as additional information on necessary investments, opportunities and risks, and critical success factors. Here you can find background information on our research approach in general and the scope of strategies in ECOMOD.
The library of reference business processes has been established using the Process Modeling language MEMO-OrgML. The detailed documentation of each business process gives insights into business management as well as technology and resource related issues. See here for more information on the scope of the process library.
In the section on mapping of business processes to workflows we discuss the relevant concepts for mapping business process models in MEMO-OrgML to workflow descriptions in XPDL. We present a prototype which allows to generate technical infrastructures for E-Commerce on the basis of business process models.