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Referenzgeschäftsprozesse und Strategien im E-Commerce

Forschungsgruppe Unternehmensmodellierung
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Overview of available reference processes
The reference processes of this library can be classified as procurement or sales processes. Whereas we include inbound logistics as part of the procurement function and outbound logistics as well as service processes as part of the sales function.
Procurement (11 processes)
Reception of a Delivery (18 processes)
Payment of Liabilities (7 processes)
Pre-Sales Customer Communication (6 processes)
Customer Relations (5 processes)
Initiation and pricing (5 processes)
Order processing (11 processes)
Collection (8 processes)
Service (13 processes)
Process Modelling Language
We applied the modelling language MEMO-OrgML - developed in the research group enterprise modelling - for modelling and depicting the reference processes. Here you can find an introduction to symbols, syntax, and semantics of the process modelling language constructs in MEMO-OrgML.
Applied terms and concepts
In the description of business process we refer to abstract organisational units. Since different industries and firms apply different terms for naming their organisational units, the abstractions we used in the process descriptions are explained here in terms of the functions they perform.

In order to describe resources, such as human resourcen, technical infrastructure and application systems, we developed a dedicated language for modelling resources in E-Commerce (see working report No. 44). Here you can find a listing of all resources and their usage in different reference processes.
XML-based description
All process descriptions are valid XML documents confirming to process_description.dtd.
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