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 Conceptual Modelling is pivotal to analysing and designing information systems that are in line with a company's long term strategy and that support efficiently its core business processes. These are very complex tasks. For this reason, modelling corporate information systems - often referred to as enterprise modelling - makes use of various abstractions of an enterprise. They include among others models of business processes, static information models (e. g. data or object models), models of corporate strategies or information systems architectures.

Research on conceptual modelling within 'Wirtschaftsinformatik', the German version of information systems research, is focussed on the development of languages and methods for modelling corporate information systems. In order to ensure their relevance for solving real world problems, our research also includes the application and evaluation of modelling concepts. This includes the design of reference models, i. e. generic domain models, the description of generic information systems archictures or the development of modelling tools.

Against this background, the Special Interest Group on Modelling Business Information Systems (SIGMoBIS) within the German Informatics Society (GI) is aimed at providing a forum for exchanging ideas and solutions around modelling research within 'Wirtschaftsinformatik' - both for researchers at universities and experts in industry. SIGMobIS is part of the Department of Information Systems within the GI.

The portal gives an overview of our activities and provides numerous resources on enterprise modelling research. Its content is being updated by SIGMoBIS members on a regular base.

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