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American National Standards Institute - ANSI
Administration of standards from various areas of the US-American industry
Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V. - DIN
Incorporated societey which administrates standards from various areas of the German industry
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - IEEE
Specification of standards in the technical and information-technical area
International Organization for Standardization - ISO
Network of approx. 150 national standardisation institutes from various areas
International Telecommunication Union - ITU
Specification of international standards for telecommunication and networks. Associated with the United Nations
Object Management Group - OMG
Specification and maintenance of standards in the area of interoperable corporate application systems (e.g. UML, CORBA, MDA)
Open Applications Group - OAG
Specification of interfaces for the integration of application systems
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards - OASIS
Development and merging of e-business standards
Consortium for the specification of open e-business process standards
Workflow Management Coalition - WfMC
Development of standards in the area of workflow-management. Focus on interoperability of various workflow-products
World Wide Web Consortium - W3C
Standards and technologies around the World Wide Web

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