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This page contains the reference framework, which was applied by the below enterprises to their respective enterprise modelling tools. This was done in preparation for the workshop Enterprise Modelling Tools in the context of the MKWI 2006 in Passau.
A synopsis of the tools in tabular form, created by Werner Esswein and Andreas Gehlert (Wirtschaftsinformatik, TU Dresden), can be viewed here.
Author(s) Kathrin Schultz
Wolfgang Jank
OrganisationEMPRISE Process Management GmbH
Reference FrameworkBezugsrahmen EMPRISE.pdf
Author(s) Hans-Helmut Scheel
Organisationact! consulting GmbH
Troux Technologies
Reference FrameworkBezugsrahmen act - Troux.pdf
ARIS Platform
Author(s) Oliver Erb
OrganisationIDS Scheer AG
Reference FrameworkBezugsrahmen IDS Scheer.pdf
Author(s) Frédéric Dacqmine
Frederic Kuhlmann
OrganisationMEGA International
Reference FrameworkBezugsrahmen MEGA.pdf
Author(s) Christoph Moser
OrganisationBOC Information Systems GmbH
Reference FrameworkBezugsrahmen BOC.pdf

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