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How to Use the Portal

This portal is designed as an active forum for the members of the Special Interest Group on Modelling Business Information Systems (SIG-MoBIS). The archived information is chiefly provided by the members of the group. Registered users of the SIG may enter content directly into the portal. This function is not fully developed yet, but will be enhanced in the future. Please refer to our documentation (in German).
The portal is (nearly) entirely bilingual (English and German). The desired language can be chosen using a button in the header of the portal. Also available are buttons for the configurable search function (restricted to search for portal content only), as well as for the Homepage. In the following a short overview of the structure and content of the portal is given.


Here you find the contact data of the members of the steering committee, as well as of the chair and vice chair.


This menu item contains a short description of the journal Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures. Several issues per year are being published by SIG-MoBIS. You can subscribe the journal on an annual basis or order single issues without having to apply for membership in the SIG (Subscription). Furthermore, registered members of the SIG can download all articles of the already published issues as PDF. However, this holds only for these members, who provided a valid email address.


The subordinated menu items comprise basic information for actual and future members (e.g. fees), as well as links to working groups, research institutions and enterprises, which may be of interest with respect to the central topics of the SIG.


Grouped under the menu item Bibliography is recommendable literature in the area of Enterprise Modelling, which is differentiated according to various publication types. Please use the existing structure for your proposals.


Central notions of Information Systems Research, especially Enterprise Modelling, are being listed here. The explanations of the terms should be concise. Since some notions are not always used in a consistent way, it is possible to enter several definitions per entry. We would appreciate you offering a respective English definition for every German proposed entry.


Here you can enter announcements of conferences in the context of Enterprise Modelling. Please do not forget to include the URL of the conference homepage. Furthermore, to illustrate the broad spectrum of courses dealing with corporate information systems in the context of information systems research, courses offered by universities may also be introduced.


The menu items grouped under Tools deal with modelling tools in the broader sense. If you want to communicate any experiences with a tool or want to point to a tool evaluation or a tool project respectively, we are looking forward to including your assessment or description into one of the available categories.


This menu item contains full-text publications and conference material. This includes workshop proceedings or other documents related to various events in the area of Enterprise Modelling. The area Intern is restricted to members of the steering committee and serves documentation purposes with respect to email communication among others.


The past newsletters of the SIG can be viewed here, as they are available in digital form.


All internet resources that are of interest in the area of Enterprise Modelling can be listed here. The sources are roughly categorised. In the course of future improvements of the portal the underlying structure may be subject to changes and refinements.

How to Use

A short introduction to the portal (this text).


The menu item Settings allows for editing the memberĀ“s login data. This includes name, firstname, login name and password. The menu item Password contains a function for sending a password to a registered email address by entering the respective email address or the login name.

We are looking forward to your contribution to the portalĀ“s content in order to create an extraordinary collection of valuable information for members and prospects of the SIG-MoBIS.

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